General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

​​​​الإدارة العامة لمكافحة عدوى المنشآت الصحية

Central Sterile Services Department

Sterilization Department
Maternity Hospital in Najran


GDIPC start to renovate the CSSDs to meet the standards and guidelines  total cssd was renovated and going on projects (110) 

​General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

Achievements :

  • Renovations for 92 hospitals done in the last five years.
  • 210 new renovations hospital planned to be executed in the coming three years .
  • standardized the decontamination policies for the MOH hospitals
  • standardized the supply for MOH CSSDs.
  • Acquiring the latest technologies in the sterility assurance solutions and supplies.
  • Activate the real function of the CSSD Coordinators over the kingdom, and links them to the sterilization services at infection control directorate .
  • Raising the awareness of the endoscopy decontamination by education , standardized the policies and project plans renovations.
  • Lunching the high diploma for CSSD technicians with cooperation with king abdulaziz university.
  • Continuous education for CSSD managers and technicians under the umbrella of IAHCSMM

Our Mission

Is to drive the ministry of health hospitals safety and improving sterilization services in the healthcare facilities by providing and executing the latest policies, high quality sterilization methods and continuous education.


Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization procedure is very important for patient safety in gastrointestinal endoscopy Beginning of 2017 GDIPC will start with 2 projects to renovate the endoscopy decontamination units with 3zones  and fully automatic processing

Our Vision

To be premier world leader and reference in Sterilization services, which makes us fully accountable to guarantee the patient safety through advanced sterile processing practices.


Education is the main element to ensure that qualified and updated staff is in place to guarantee the maximum safety for patient, care givers and CSSD Staff. For that the infection control agreed with multiple side to have real partnership to support the team of hospital to focus on the eduction elements by doing universal workshops, seminars and new technologies awareness , and below are some programs that were been considered on quarter bases: 

  1. Regions education programs
  2. IAHCSMM program