​General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

​​​​الإدارة العامة لمكافحة عدوى المنشآت الصحية


The following objectives have been designed to ensure that the goals of the Dental Infection Control Program are met.

  • Prepare and recommend evidenced based infection control policies and procedures
  • Comply with regulations, guidelines, and accreditation requirements
  • Collaborate with other infection control programs (like occupation health and sterilization programs) to promote integral dental infection control program.
  • Provide infection control education and training to dental healthcare workers
  • Assist the infection control personnel in the regional directorates in papering, implementing and evaluating the dental infection control programs. 

Dental Infection Control Program


The goal of the Dental Infection Control Program is to provide a safe working environment that reduces /eliminates the risk of both healthcare-associated infections among dental patients and occupational exposures among dental team members.

General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control