General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

CME; 29 CME houres.

Dundee University IPC Training Program
المنطقة الشرقية 13-17 صفر الموافق 13-17 نوفمبر2016

Dundee University IPC Training Program
جدة 5-9 ربيع الأول الموافق 4-8 ديسمبر 2016

Program Description

      This five day program is designed for practitioners who have responsibility for infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship to develop evidence-based knowledge of healthcare associated infections and infection prevention and control practice. This program aims to develop and enhance knowledge and understanding of the microbiological and environmental factors that contribute to the incidence, prevalence, transmission, prevention and control of healthcare associated infections. It also aims to assist with the development of knowledge, understanding and skills required to function effectively in infection prevention and control practice so that patient and public safety is a priority. In doing so, it will enhance professional leadership, evidence-based knowledge and practice skills to enable practice development, multi-professional team work and collaboration.
     This program addresses the domains, competency statements and performance indicators set out in the outcome competency framework for practitioners in infection prevention and control. The program will utilise a range of delivery modes, including formal lecture based sessions and interactive workshop activities. Delegates will have opportunities to engage in reflective and critical discussions to allow consideration of the application of theoretical principles to their own clinical practice. Delegates will also be provided with additional reading which supports the taught content. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the program.

Dundee University IPC Training Program
الرياض 22-26 محرم الموافق 23-27اكتوبر 2016

Dundee University IPC Training Program

​General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

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