General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

​General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

​​​​الإدارة العامة لمكافحة عدوى المنشآت الصحية


Electronic infection prevention and control program  designed by general directorate of infection prevention and control program that address the basic infection prevention and control measures necessary for health care workers (HCWs), and will be approved by Saudi commission of health specialties as obligatory prerequisite for renewal of professional classification and registration ID card.


To educate all health care workers about basic infection prevention and control measures including:-

  1. Hand hygiene indications and technique
  2. Proper use of PPE
  3. Indications and different types of isolations
  4. Safe handling of sharp and post exposure management
  5. Ways to prevent Antimicrobial Resistance


Safe working environment, reducing health care associated infection through  providing All health care workers routine basic infection control training. 

Infection Prevention And Control E- learning


 During this module  the trainee will be introduced to 5 sections each will be followed by 5MCQ questions.

  •     Section 1: Hand Hygiene
  •     Section 2: Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)
  •     Section 3: Isolation Precaution
  •     Section 4 :Sharp and blood /body fluid  splashing
  •     Section 5: Antimicrobial Resistance

After completing the 5 sections, the trainee will have a total score and will get the Saudi council ICP certificate if he get the passing score.