​General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control

​​​​الإدارة العامة لمكافحة عدوى المنشآت الصحية


The mission of the Healthcare Environment Division is to provide an adequate health care by creating, promoting, and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all patients, employees, and visitors of healthcare facilities within the kingdom. It’s our policy to maintain safety programs conforming to the updated guidelines for environmental infection control in healthcare facilities.


  • To prepare the technical specifications for all infection control supplies and to estimate the required supplies for each item in collaboration with medical supply and equipment departments.
  • To monitor and follow up the availability of enough infection control supplies and
  • To supervise all the supportive departments in the hospitals (laundry, medical waste, environmental services and kitchen), this includes: policies, improvement projects, evaluation and solving problems.
  • To study the water supply in hospitals and prepare plans to solve any problems.
  • To supervise the isolation departments for infectious diseases and the relevant improvement projects in collaboration with engineering and maintenance departments.
  • To coordinate conducting training courses and workshops to introduce the new products to the healthcare personnel  and training them.


  • Education and training.

  • Setup guidelines.
  • Onsite visiting and auditing.
  • Outbreaks evaluation for environment role in outbreaks.


APIC, CDC, EPA, GCC, and OSHA guidelines.


Healthcare Environment

General Directorate of Infection Prevention and Control